stiff1 [ stıf ] adjective **
▸ 1 with pain in muscles
▸ 2 firm & difficult to bend
▸ 3 not moving easily
▸ 4 mixture: very thick
▸ 5 formal/controlled
▸ 6 more severe than usual
▸ 7 containing much alcohol
1. ) if you are stiff or a part of your body is stiff, you feel pain in your muscles and cannot move easily:
Her fingers were getting stiff.
feel stiff: My leg muscles always feel stiff after a long bike ride.
stiff neck/back etc.: She was suffering from a stiff neck.
2. ) firm and difficult to bend:
a stiff piece of card
a small stiff brush
stiff as a board (=extremely stiff): The wet towel I had left hanging outside was frozen and stiff as a board.
3. ) if something that should move easily is stiff, it does not move or operate as easily as you expect:
The drawer was very stiff, so I pulled on it.
The hinges of the box were stiff from lack of use.
4. ) a mixture that is stiff is very thick and keeps its shape when you stop mixing it:
stiff paste/dough: Beat in the sugar to make a stiff paste.
beat/whisk something until stiff: Beat the egg whites until stiff.
5. ) formal and controlled in a way that is not friendly or relaxed:
Her tone was a little stiff, I thought.
stiff with: His face was stiff with disapproval.
stiff and awkward: He looked stiff and awkward in his new suit.
6. ) more severe or difficult than usual:
stiff fine/penalty/sentence: Those caught breaking the new law face some pretty stiff fines.
stiff competition: Greene is up against some stiff competition in this race.
stiff opposition/resistance: The government forces met with stiff resistance in the north.
7. ) a stiff drink contains a lot of alcohol
stiff wind/breeze
a stiff wind or BREEZE is fairly strong
╾ stiff|ness noun uncount
stiff 2 [ stıf ] adverb
bored/scared/worried stiff
extremely bored/frightened/worried
stiff 3 [ stıf ] noun count VERY INFORMAL
the body of a dead person. This is an offensive way to talk about someone who is dead.
stiff 4 [ stıf ] verb transitive AMERICAN INFORMAL
to not pay someone money that you owe them, especially by not leaving any money as a TIP in a restaurant

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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